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FInding Your Own Style!

Both finding and refining your own style could be a struggle. But it is extremely important and the impact of having a personal style goes way beyond making a good impression.

Having a style means to approach each new day with charm, confidence and feeling creatively pretty by what you wear and how you wear it. Having the right wardrobe that suits your style makes all the difference. Style comes from within, who you are and who you would like to be.

There is no harm in taking inspiration from some but blending your own flavor to it that creates a unique and original style that Originally You.

Your Body:

First of all, understand your body and what works best for you. Knowing your body allows you to know about its plusses and minuses, you can get the right clothes that could hide or accentuate them. Knowing your body type helps in creating a balanced attire and style.

Your Personality:

What kind of person you are? Deep and artistic? Or Bold and bright? Understanding and describing your personality helps you in finding the colors and styles that suit you and reflect your personality.

Inspiring Colors:

Colors play an important role on your style and how you feel. Understand how certain shades and hues make you feel. If you do not use many colors in your current wardrobe, experiment a little by adding bits of colors though accessories first and then clothes.


When you see someone wearing an accessory or clothes that you like, try to get a picture, add to scrap book or simply pin it on Pinterest. You will gradually notice a pattern of styles beginning to develop that you like. Take note and remind yourself of those when shopping for clothes.

Critically Clean-up Closet:

Take a real good look at your closet and the pieces you own. Which of them you really like and which you haven’t worn in a long time. Donate or swap those you haven’t worn and those that didn’t really work. Some of them might be great but not suit you, your body and the silhouette you want to create.

Re-create your wardrobe and refine it with style that entirely depicts YOU.

Follow Trends when they SUIT:

Having an original and authentic style defies the fashion trends. Do add trendy pieces but go for only those that suit you. Another interesting thing, get a trendy piece but wear it when the rage has kind of toned down.

Have the Basics:

You need to have the basic essentials that are necessary for particular style. Some of these components suit everyone and are must for stylish wardrobe. You could find some from those attires and looks that inspire you. Some of these are:

Classy black dress, plain white shirt, denim, trench coat, round neck cashmere, a men’s watch, ballet flats, high-heeled pumps in basic color, few good bags.

Right Accessories:

Accessories are important to give you the complete look. After you have covered the basics of your style, find the correct accessories. Few are fine but they should be classy. You could mix and match and both low and high brands together to create a unique style of your own.

Hope these help you in finding your own style!



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