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Our Motivation

One thing that we love is to see a woman’s face light up when she has found it–that perfect, gotta-have-it, don’t-care-how-much-it-costs, outfit. However, we found that one of those feelings inevitably tends to fade after walking away from the dressing room: that “don’t-care-how-much-it-costs” part. We made it our mission to help you find that beautiful smile, and keep it on your face as you walk away from our shopping experience. Not only did we want to create a shopping experience that would boost self-esteem, but we wanted to assure that none of our customers would leave the store with a deflated heart because of a deflated wallet.

Why you’ll love shopping with us

Welcome to Cloth & Reverie. Here, it’s okay to be yourself and find your style. We promote happy a shopping experience from the moment you find that perfect accessory to the moment you receive your credit card bill. We celebrate each woman’s differences and the beauty found within her.

We have one main goal: to help you feel awesome. While every woman is innately beautiful—we want to remind you it’s okay to feel beautiful too…Inside and Out!

Here at Cloth & Reverie we believe getting dressed is more than just a practical part of your everyday—it’s a way to show self-love and self-expression. We want you to have that smile of approval when you try on the perfect outfit. Rest assured, you’ll find something in our store that speaks to you. And when you do, speak out. Be yourself. Live beautiful.

So, let’s get dressed.


Cloth & Reverie

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